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About Us

Emmi's Kitchen

Emmi’s Kitchen was formed out of a desire to provide happiness with baked goods. As everyone deserves a treat! It all began when I was a child.

A love of baking was created out of spending time making cakes with my Grandma. Observing her precision, creativity and ability to turn a variety of ingredients in the cupboard. Into something delicious for family and friends has always been so inspiring for me.

My favorite recipes of hers are the ones she bunged ingredients into and they turned out to be life time staples in our family. Those recipes that are so adored the paper is worn and stained with chocolate. As an adult my fondness for baking resurfaced during Lockdown 1 back in March 2020. It kept me busy, sane and was a massive source of wellbeing for me.

The sound of silent enjoyment when the people around me are experiencing something I’ve made from scratch, is the best thing ever! My wish is to provide that for everyone.

Giving some joy to every day life in the form of a little indulgence is what I’m here for. So let me know what your ideas are and let’s create something banging!

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